Pre-Mint Marketing

Start building a community - Socials
Release Sneak Peeks of our animated artwork
Begin Marketing through Twitter and other platforms
Release Video Trailer and/or Graphics

Our marketing journey is not finished, but we are striving to take large steps forward every day

Gen 0 Mint

Allocate current Whitelisted wallets
Start Mint for .44 Solana
Mint out and add holder verification
Trade on ME

Gen 1 Mint

Allocate proper Whitelist amount to community members
Generate 4444 The Meka Race NFTs
Launch on (TBD)
Not everything has been determined yet, but the team is weighing all of the options for our mint. Our goal is to create the smoothest and user-friendly mint possible for our community.


Allocate team funds
Allocate funds for the DAO/Project wallet
Start work on The Meka Race comic/manga
Start work on The Meka Race native token
Create Raffle System
TwitterDiscordMagic Eden
The Meka Race 2022