Sam: Founder

The founder of The Meka Race. The face of the brand. The leader and head marketer. Building day after day to bring his holders value. Starting in crypto in 2020 fairly young hes built a personal brand that has bridged over to The Meka Race.


Myles: Co-Founder

Myles, the young mind of the group, but the most strict. Myles and Sam are a package deal when it comes to The Meka Race. Meeting together, building together, and learning together to bring their amazing holders the most enjoyable experience.


Lucky loser: Artist

The visual illustrator of The Meka Race. This being his first project came with a great learning experience and drawing some dope shit! With years of art under his belt since the age of 7 briding it over to NFTs was a fun experiment gone right!

“farts rainbows and can summon bugs bunny at funerals”

Lucky Loser

Task: Advisor

A well-known figure in the Solana Space. He has advised a variety of projects on minting in different market conditions including Ghost Kid DAO. Networking & outreach is his specialty. Having the ability to adapt quickly in these market conditions & provide real value to the Solana Ecosystem is what makes Task such a good team player.


Bongus: Advisor

Embedded in web3 with two Solana-based projects founded under his belt. A creative jack of all trades in and out of the space


Mekalark: Head Mod

Or Meta, or Lark, or Hey you!!! I got into NFT through my love of Video Games. Was looking for a new game on ETH or Polygon to play and came across games on Solana. Decided to try it out and here I am. I love learning things and doing research. If you ask me a question and I don`t know the answer, I will find it lol.

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The Meka Race 2022